2009 Schedult of Events/Seminars

1.  Jan 11, "Global Warming Reality 地球暖化 (5 Sections) Section 1 -- No More Denial 無可否認" by Dr. Ching Lo                              (Cantonese), Toronto
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2.  Feb 27, "Global Warming – Reality, Root Cause Analysis and Solutions" by Dr. Ching Lo (English) at The Hong Kong                     Polytechnic University in HONG KONG  
3.  Mar 15. "What are the levels of environmental protection? 何為環保定位" by Dro Ching Lo (Cantonese), Markham
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4.  Mar 21, "Global Warming Realities" by Dr. Ching Lo (Cantonese), Markham
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5.  Jul 10, A Microbiologist's View on Sustainable Development and Global Warming by Dr. Ching Lo (English), Markham
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6.  Oct 2, Global Warming - Reality, Root Cause Analysis and Quantitative Solutions by Dr. Ching Lo (English), Toronto
     Photo Gallery
7.  Nov 14, Vegetarian Banquet - Fair Child Grade School Orphanage in Vietnam by Venerable Shaoquan                                                (English / Chinese), Markham
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